About Us


Mutö which means "woman" in the Duala language of Cameroon, is a brand of Maison d'Afie created to meet your everyday sartorial needs. We are obsessed with our African culture and find a need to share its beauty with the rest of the world and to preserve what we have and what we discover along this quest, because diversity adds depth and balance to humanity. ​Our challenge is to create products that are true ambassadors to our African culture.

We are happy you are joining us in this journey. The world could use some of your kindness so 10% of the proceeds from your purchase of all our creations in 2021 will go to providing some much needed sanitary facilities for some very kind people in Dibamba Cameroon, where our first campaign was shot.

Through our garments, we do not only intend to tell  untold stories but to make sure the unheard voices of the people we encounter are amplified.